An intensive-extensive implicative-explicative weblog-forum inviting and opening critical debate and discussion on topics architecturally architectural, academic, practical, design-related, theoretical, practical, scientific, environmental, technological, technical, and media-re/presentational, and between modes or operations of architecture and other disciplines; an inter-modal architecturality.

Please keep discussion civilised and repect the intelligence others. Refrain from flaming posts or commentors, bring something to the discussion instead.


About the Authors:

Adrian Lo [ALO]

Graduated in 2009 with BAS & BArch(Hons) from the University of Auckland

Currently doing a PhD in Architecture at the University of Auckland

  1. An Ordinary Person in New Haven
    April 3, 2012 at 5:57 am

    In true web fashion I do not remember how I stumbled across this blog (I think in a Garches search), but I did and I appreciate the thoughts and subjects. In a time in the architectural academy when most students may not even know who Loos or Le Corbusier, e.g., were (reinforcing the latter’s disdain for said academy), your* posts are timely (as such history always is and should remain) and insightful.

    (*I’ve looked through “About” and elsewhere here and cannot determine who the authors of this blog are. Wouldn’t that be useful to divulge? Or are you incognito? In any case, thank you for this.)

    Ben Ledbetter

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