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AD1: Dark Light – The Layering of Transparency

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Liz Tjahjana

Advanced Design 1, MArch(Prof) Semester 1, 2010

Tutors: Dr. Ross Jenner & Adrian Lo

AD1 Exterior Perspective composed with Site Photograph by Liz Tjahjana, 2010

The Layered Glow

Layering, Stacking, Interpenetrations, Overlapping & Superimposition; Layered & Phenomenal Transparency

Transparency literal and phenomenal, from the macro to the micro, reiteration of the initial layering precept through successive levels of shifts and slides. The building bends around the contours forming a double direction – dual axis of superimposing linear block volumes, explicating the fundamental notions of the double axial configuration seen as an underlying order of stratification and collision in planning while constituting interpenetrative spaces and allowing for a successive array of various modes of overlapping, layering and stacking, clearly evident in the conceptual studies carried through to the multiplicity of investigative overlapping of the transitional states of transparency, translucency and opaque surfaces in the resolved building.

The spectroscopic institute is situated remotely from the main observatory hill, due to its particular programmatic requirements. The duality of the axis aided to separate while connect the private and the public zones, both meeting at the space of union.

Junctions, collisions, and overlaps occur throughout the scheme, seen from both the inside and the outside. The junctions are expressed through the articulation of threshold moments and the overlapping aids in the provision of continuum effects, such as a delayed entry.

The disruptions, offsets and shifts suggest a strong sense of dynamism and movement within a clearly static scheme grounded to site. The project implies dynamism and movement; static movement, dynamic stability, unmoving movement, seen in the overlapping, disruptions, slides and shifts of the volume, surfaces and materials constituting a depth of façade.

This dynamism is elucidated in the layered glow, interpenetration of space and surface working with the interpenetration of light by means of the overlapping of glass panels as well as spaces divided by glazed portions of walls, where the glow of natural light bleeds and diffuses from one space to the next, creating a successive superimposed overlapping lighting effect, effectively bringing the exterior, that is daylight, further into and deeper into the interior, an act of multi-penetration.

ALO in conjunction with Liz Tjahjana

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