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AD1: Dark Light – The Labyrinth of Indirect Illumination

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Cat Doo

Advanced Design 1, MArch(Prof) Semester 1, 2010

Tutors: Dr. Ross Jenner & Adrian Lo

AD1 Exterior Perspective Photograph by Cat Doo, 2010

The Labyrinth: Giving Form to Formlessness

Indirect Light as Points of Visual Interest to direct a Labyrinthine Journey through Geological Voids

The scheme is designed mainly from the inside out, carving a cavernous geological narrative through the site lead by indirect glows around the corners of circulation spaces. The project has extensively considered a multiplicity of indirect lighting mechanisms for both artificial and natural light. This geological physics institute is situated to the west of Lake Tekapo and has expansive views out, as seen in the café and courtyard spaces. The long horizontality of the building is made evident by the narrative or journey which underpins the project, whilst having a sense of being firmly grounded to the immediate context, with a footpath mediating the transition between the building the ground.

The labyrinth relates directly to the sequence, the journey or the narrative, made explicit in the planning, the section and most importantly the sectional model. The labyrinth works on the principle of the indirect light cast onto the leading walls suggesting further progress deeper into the building, these act as points of visual interest directing one’s gaze and movement.

Articulating the formless, that is, natural light, with carefully considered concealed apertures within the architectural formal gesture is the main guiding principle. The formless form concept is made explicit in the blurred boundary between the indirect light and the physical form of the opening.

The multiple shifts in plane and volume in both plan, section, exterior and interior is a clear result of the careful consideration and articulation of the labyrinthian geological-cavernous journey principle.

The building is entered from the southern higher end, where one descends into darkness, and continues to find his or her way through a meandering route of successive heavy geological spaces where at the end of this journey one is thrusted out to the light and airy open courtyard space of the offices sector, which is at the bottom northern end of the scheme.

The choice of materiality elucidates the narrative though shifts in plane, horizontality, color and tonality. The introduction of the timber detached panels provides a natural contrast to the excessive use of stone, while concealing artificial lights useful in expressing the texture and relief of the stone surface behind.

ALO in conjunction with Cat Doo

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